Way To Create A Yahoo Account In Simple Steps

Yahoo is a free emailing application and has numbers of users all across the world. Yahoo offers different services and features that make communication easier and faster. If you want to create email account on Yahoo platform and looking for some guidance that here is a step-by-step guide for you.

You can create a Yahoo account both on a mobile phone as well as on desktop/laptop. But here, we are guiding you to create the account on the desktop/laptop.

Step 1

To create an account on the Yahoo platform first you need to open the formal page for Yahoo sign in. The link for the same is Yahoo’s main page. You can also try the Yahoo browser or browser present in your desktop to find out the Yahoo sign up page. However, while doing this, always remember that you should use the correct sign up page for the process. These days, many forges activities are taking place over the internet, to protect your details from hackers, it is important that you use the authentic link only.

Step 2

So, when you will click on the above mentioned link, a page will open with some active button and options. You need to click on the option mail and then sign up.

Step 3

When will you click on the options sign up, a page with some blanks will open asking you to fill some details. On the first page you will be asked to enter your first name, last name and the email Id that you want to create. Here, enter the email id extension that is not in use yet. Though, yahoo will suggest you some options if you are unable to compose an exclusive user ID for yourself. However, it is good that you create the unique ID on your own as it will be easy for you to recall it. Some tips to create a good user ID are

  • Use the combination of letters and words. You can make your name and your birthday and anniversary day to create a good ID.
  • You can mix the two names to create a unique ID.
  • You can simply add some numbers like your date of birth or anniversary date in front of your name so that a unique ID is created.

Step 4

Now, when your ID is finalized, it is time to create the password of your account. While creating the password you have to be very careful as easy to guess password can make your account prone to hacking. Therefore, while creating the password be little creative and tricky and do not make a simple password like your pet’s name, your anniversary date, your birthday date, your spouse birthday date, etc. Additionally, do not create the password which you are already using for your other account. For e.g. do not use your bank account password for an email password. Instead, create a fresh one with some difficulty to guess.

Step 5

Now, when the user id and password is created, click on the next button to enter the details like your location, your date of birth, gender, etc. At the next step you will be asked to enter your alternate email id and phone number as well. Yahoo takes this information to make your account secure.

Yahoo uses this information to recover your account in case you lose your account access because of hacking or any other reason. Yahoo sends link to create password for your account either on your alternate email id or the phone number. The platform does not reveal this information or use this information inappropriately.

Step 6

After entering all the details when you click on the next button, the page of privacy policy will open asking you to accept it. You can read the whole page to understand the privacy and security policy of Yahoo and then accept it.

Step 7

So, by following this simple step you can create Yahoo email account on the Yahoo platform.

Step 8

Now, when it comes to sign into your account, you need to enter the same URL mentioned above. And now you need to click on the button ‘Sign-in’ to login to your account.

Step 9

When you will click on this sign in option, a new page will open asking you to enter your email id and password. You need to enter the same email id and password you created just before. When you click on the option next after entering all the details will be taken to the inbox page of your Yahoo email account.

This is the simple and easy step to create email account on Yahoo platform. If you face any difficulty in creating the account still, then you can talk to the Yahoo customer support service number and take assistance from them. However, here are the following scenarios in which you can come across the some issues in creating the account.

  • If Yahoo has blacklisted you, then you won’t be able to create the account with the same details.
  • If your age is under 18 years you won’t be able to create accounts on Yahoo platform as Yahoo does not allow users under 18 years. You can take help of your parents to create an account for you and you can use it then.
  • Your internet connection while creating the account is not proper. To create an account on Yahoo platform you need a good internet connectivity all through the process.
  • You are entering wrong information or information in wrong format. Follow the correct format to fill all the information. For example, in the date section you need to use the scroll button to enter the details. It should be in the format of date// my//year. It is already mentioned in the blank to avoid confusion.
  • If you do not create a strong and good password, Yahoo will not accept your application form. You won’t be able to freeze your user ID until you create the best password according to the guidelines of Yahoo.

Steps to create a yahoo email account on mobile phone

If you are creating a Yahoo email account on a mobile phone, then the steps will be different from creating the account on desktop/laptop. To create the account on mobile here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1

Open your mobile and open the menu tray of your phone.

  • Step 2

Click on the icons ‘Play Store’. If you do not have Play Store in a phone, download the application.

  • Step 3

In the play store, search the application Ymail. You can use voice type or you can simply type in the search bar Ymail.

  • Step 4

You will get options for all the applications. Click on Ymail and install the application. Open it and then a page will open asking you to enter your login credentials. Because you do not have Yahoo account yet, you need to tap on the option ‘Sign up’.

  • Step 5

Now you need to follow the same steps that you followed while creating the account on the desktop. After successfully finishing the process, you will get the notification from Yahoo that your account is created.

  • Step 6

Click on your account to check your inbox and start your activity.

Yahoo email comes with many features that you can use for your work as well as for your personal needs. It also comes with the Yahoo Messenger app which you can use directly when you are accessing the Yahoo on the desktop, and download the application if you are accessing yahoo on mobile.

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